Complete Lyrics and notes for ‚Libertalia‘

Man Enough

Grew up with these norms that were never mine to choose
Feeling I had to comply if I didn’t want to lose
Contesting in a race I’ve never felt worth winning
Living up to these ideals I never truly fit in.

Gotta tell me, am I man enough?
Gotta tell me when are you man enough?
Gotta tell me, am i man enough?
i don’t care, so take this as a rebuff.
Gotta tell me, are you man enough
to defy the roles that make you act so tough?

Insecurities covered up, inconsistencies denied.
You come over so coherent, something I would never try.
Abiding by the rules of the roles that you perform,
Re-enact, repeat, reaffirm; ensure you fit the norm.

I refuse to take part
in a structural division
based on inequality,
alienation and partition.

It took me a while to get my thoughts on this one down. As the New Bomb Turks once stated, ‘identity is a shaky thing’. It truly is.

Soy Not Oi

you frown upon the things i eat,
accusing me of self-deceit.
ask why my beans are shaped like meat.
i tell you it’s a treat!

i don’t care if my meal is fake,
i eat the soy cause i know what’s at stake.
i praise seitan for the animals sake,
don’t hurt a thing when i’m having a steak.

we ain’t no sect,
we just show some respect
and we try to reflect about the things we affect.
i know we don’t agree,
but please stop bugging me!
this must be jealousy cause i’ve all the fun without the cruelty.

you criticize me, but on what grounds,
i like the taste, that’s all that counts,
all cruelty-free, i like how that sounds,
it does not mean i have to renounce.
humane meat? don’t you know it’s a lie?
no pigs are slaughtered for my burger and fries.
i love chicken wings, when no killing is implied.
jerky strips are better when no cow has to die.
i don’t care if it is fake fake fake,
i eat the soy cause i know what’s at stake
i praise seitan for the animals sake
don’t hurt a thing when i’m having a steak,
we don’t eat meat and yet we’re having a ball,
we don’t renounce, cause we can have it all!

I don’t know how often I’ve been asked why I eat meat substitutes if I chose not to eat actual meat. The reason is very simple: because I can!

Textbook Revolutions

we blame the poor for being poor, bare of rationality,
debarred to cash in on their needs, division’s elementary
kept down, excluded and deprived by artificial scarcity.
the drawback of this grim charade, continuous brutality.

for as long as people hunger
while food is turned to trash
the temples will be plundered
by those who feel the lash.
and as long as we keep up
this structural divide,
we will feel the rebound of
the violence it implies.

the left behind start to awake, but you can’t relate.
think they’re criminal or insane, but they’re intrinsically political
none of your theories could ever explain their anger or their hate.
you want a textbook revolution, but they are bound to fail.

will you just stand beside
when the worm finally starts to turn?
don’t you try to understand
why the streets are left burn?
if we don’t interact
and make no attempt to learn,
we’d turn an insurrection
into an elitist concern.

I wrote this in response to the 2011 London riots, or more precisely to some of the reactions that came from left circles and tried to deny the political nature of the riots. If the rioters didn’t have a strong theoretical background it doesn’t make their struggles less political or less important. They are, to the contrary, much more political in the true sense of the word, as they arose from ongoing experiences of exclusion, race and/or class discrimination, and general hardship. This does not mean we have to approve of every single act carried out during those days, but it is important to place these uprisings in the right context and, most importantly, to listen and learn from these people. For a radical left-wing viewpoint on the events of August 2011 check the following links:

>  (p. 14)

No Change Will Come

Here we go again! out to change the world,
with our circle A’s printed on sweat shop shirts.
A half-hearted attempt, self-complacent,
simplify our struggles to a fashion statement.

No change will come
from turning a blind eye
No change will come
you can’t bail your way out of this
No change will come
from turning a blind eye
No change will come
– from you

no hope for change when all theory is shunned,
gotta see the bigger picture, know how this system runs.
revolution can’t be bought, it’s not a t-shirt design
you can’t replace analysis with wearing the right ensigns.

This was written in reflection of the hordes of punks wearing political slogans or logos on their chests, but not actually having some kind of perspective as to whom they are fighting or what they are striving for. It’s a call for more theory in practice, a concept that has become somewhat unpopular recently. I think the bottom line here is: Know your enemy, read a book.

It’s all coming down

I lost my rag over annotating
this madness
by no means on account
of my final approval
cause you’re not capable
realizing while going down
doesn’t mean we’re not gonna pay
for your presumption

its all coming down

no more patience
no more apologies for your own benefit
fuck your complacency
I pledge renitency
draw the line
live with it
but do not ask for my

we’ll all take you down
It’s all coming down
It’s all coming down

your faults this worlds decay
whos gonna make em pay
your faults worlds decay

Like A Mirror

Yeah, this is on me
I tell you, you’ll see
All this isn’t bothering me
You’ll see

I don’t care
What you’re thinking about me now, it’s like a mirror
Hold up to their faces show em all a bit clearer
Their own miserable lives and how they’ll never get nearer
To a point where being indifferent is an option
I’d rather prefer being impatient
That’s for sure, to the core, can’t bear to hear your wails no more
I’ll never care.

Don’t walk into my way
Go on and still obey
Don’t walk into my way

I don’t care
What you’re thinking about me now cause you’re a damn pretender
Please get me right, I just see myself a bit minor
Their own miserable life and how I’ll never get nearer
To a point where being indifferent is an option
I’d rather prefer being impatient
That’s for sure, to the core, can’t bear to hear your wails no more
I want to care.

for too long i tried to care,
i tried to reveal that you still stare,
tried to make my peace, i swear,
i’m at a loss, running out of patience now

Break The Mold

you expect me to laugh at all your sexist jokes,
to agree to the stereotypes you evoke.
think i think the same because i am a ‚man‘,
don’t you take for granted my silent consent!
disillusioned like never before,
society’s backlash doesn’t stop at our door.
Thought i’d found a shelter from society’s restrains,
a place to live our lives without causing pain.

we grew up with traditions of
it starts with you to break the mold,
and it starts with me.

punk’s not just a boys thing
you know it but we must say it again
listen up now, this is a wake-up call
we must create a space to liberate us all

Retrogression, you know we’ve seen it all before,
society’s backlash comes in through the back door.
i’m growing tired of banging my head against a wall:
we don’t want no sexists in the dancehall!
but where’s the revolution girl style gone?
i know you’re there, but no longer visible.
know you don’t need us to tell you what’s wrong,
but you are needed still, together we are strong.

let me tell you, mr punk rock
i will not get stuck
in your gender exclusive boys club
cause living like that would be truly fucked up.

It seems like in recent years, the ideal of Anti-Sexism has lost relevance in the Punk/Hardcore scene, just as society as a whole is turning increasingly hostile towards feminist values. While many bands, gig collectives or autonomous centers cite ‘Anti-Sexism’ in their lists of -isms they are supposedly against, unfortunately not much practice seems to come from it. 

I find it important to understand that Sexism is not an ideology that we can simply reject by adding the prefix ‘Anti-‘ in front of the term; it is a set of social relations, and as such, we have to reflect our behavior and ourselves first. But we don’t have to do so all on our own – let’s unite and truly fight sexism, together, and regardless of our genders!

Work And Toil

you work and toil, part of the machine,
why are you so devout?
can’t you see that this daily routine
is sucking your blood out?

exploit myself to live up to what?
i never asked to have my share of that!
you live to work, you don’t work to live,
you can count me out, i won’t take this shit.

don’t wanna take part in self-exploitation,
sell my time for the good of the nation,
while communities are disintegrating,
it keeps the system alive.

never be sick, don’t stop functioning,
or it will be your demise.
don’t you know I have better plans,
i won’t fall for their lies.

It’s not simply a ‘fuck work’ song, that would be a very privileged stance regarding the billions that have to choose between being exploited in underpaid shit jobs or starving to death. The issue is the work ethics of some people around here – forever devoted to their jobs and not seeing the bigger picture, not seeing how they are selling their lives to some company just to get a small part in return while real human interactions regress more and more. It also tackles the classic socialist demand for more employment … as if time not spend in wage labor was somehow time wasted – seriously, get a life!

For a deeper discussion, read the “Manifesto against labour”:

Rise From Below

Tension grows in the heart of the town
Inconsistencies show, an extent never known.
We made a choice to control our own lives,
We won’t be expelled, you won’t beat us down.

We’ll take back the streets, the city, the land
We’ll reclaim our lives, we make no demands.

Send your troops, we will stay on the tracks,
Try to evict us, we’ll always be back,
Think you can crush us, well take our advice:
You name the date but we name the price.

We’ll take back the streets, the city, the land
We’ll reclaim our lives, we make no demands.

Our anger will grow,
we’ll rise from below,
our impatience grows and it’s really just starting to show.

This one’s for all the people around the world fighting for their free spaces in a society where more and more goods are being privatized, and subsequently more and more people are being excluded from social wealth. For every place evicted, let’s open up at least two new ones!

Choking On Your Fumes

you stand in our way, burning all your fuel,
you stand in our way but still we’re faster than you.
you jeopardize our health while we have to push through,
you jeopardize our health and we’re choking on your fumes.

don’t act like you own the roads we all share
don’t act like you don’t really have to take care
you jeopardize our health while we have to push through,
you jeopardize our health and we’re choking on your fumes.

stuck in a jam, see us laugh at you
stuck in a jam while we’re going right through
you jeopardize our health while we have to push through,
you jeopardize our health and we’re choking on your fumes.

we’re riding on two wheels,
defy your automobiles,
you can curse us all you want, we still
choose the cheaper means.
you work for gasoline
while we keep the cities clean,
no matter what you say, we know
this is the real deal!

This goes out to all those who think mobility means clogging the roads everyday sitting alone in their cars, polluting our air and making the inner cities unlivable, “for reasons of flexibility”. Yeah I can see you being very flexible stuck in your traffic jams every single day, mornings and afternoons. Duh!

Push Em Back

1998, eastern germany
fascists going underground, a fatal group of three,
they shot ten people down, shot em in the head
killed them out of hate, just want to see them dead
they plant two bombs just to kill a few more
they ridiculed the victims of the crimes they account for.
the cops said they where nowhere to be found
while they paid their informers to be down with their crowd.

the gun was bought by the NPD*,
a CI supplied the TNT,
ten people killed, paid with state money –
can you see the consistencies?

no we won’t run, won’t forget what they have done
this is our town, we’ll bring the fascists down.
no we won’t run, we’ll stay until they’re gone
no we won’t hide, push em back, side by side

racist pigs say the dead were criminal,
blind in the right eye still, it’s cynical
the secret service, they burned the records down,
they try to cover up that they knew it all along.
i know it sounds mad, but it’s no conspiracy theory,
it’s not a tale or some ancient history,
it’s not 1939 or 1943,
it’s 2000and12 in this hell called germany.

*The NPD is the German National-Democratic (read: Fascist) Party. They are a legal party and thus, as they are a ‘democratic’, they get state funding.

Sadly enough, this is a true story. A German Nazi terrorist group was uncovered in late 2011. They were found guilty of ten murders, nine of which were directed towards people ‘of foreign origin’ (the tenth being a police officer), as well as two inner city bombings. These crimes took place in a span of 13 years. This is horrible enough as it is, but the cynical part is that all these years the German police had ruled out any xenophobic background and, racist as they are themselves, blamed the 9 ‘foreign’ victims (all of whom of were snack bar owners) of being entangled in some imagined mafia structures. This already tells a lot about the German authorities’ attitude towards ‘ethnic minorities’.

Even more revolting, the secret service was deeply entangled with these crimes. Several confidential informers and undercover agents proved to be in contact with the murderers and to have provided them weapons, explosives and probably also money. One informer has even been on location while the murders were carried out. Important documents that may have proven the involvement of government agencies were destroyed by the German intelligence services on the very day that they were supposed to be handed in for investigations, of course purely ‘by accident’… 

I’m not very prone to wild conspiracy theories, but this whole affair stinks to high heaven. For more information, simply type ”national socialist underground + secret service” into your search engine and you will find lots of good newspaper articles.