Lyrics (WOtw)

All lyrics and notes the Weapons Of The Weak

It won’t be drawn
Think only animals die when you feast on their flesh?
Think massive deforestation, native’s exploitation,
Pollution of soil, water and athmosphere.
Once everything died then what’s gonna be there?

When it comes to destroying the whole planet,
You come in second and still say that you need it.
While your “food” farts away the air to breathe
You still want it every single day and cheap.

You say it’s human nature, it’s always been that way
If your argument is stone age then go, live in a cave!
Hunt your own cows that’ve never seen a cage;
The truth looks different and you know it all the same.

When it comes to destroying the whole planet,
You come in second and still say that you need it.
While your “food” farts away the air to breathe
You still want it every single day and cheap.

Make up your own excuses again
Find another reason for not changing your ways
Billions of consumers have never been wrong
Protected by the masses, always the same old song.

The handbrake won’t be drawn,
There’s too much profit to be made.
The handbrake won’t be drawn for you.

„This song is about the various reasons that made me go vegetarian. As the usual ethical/moral
aspects of killing animals have been stressed enough in the past in other songs and publications,
I wanted to focus on ecologic and socio-political problems caused by the production of animal products.
Basically, all supporting facts and figures can be found on this website:“ Y.

To you, the answer is no
religion pretends and religion lies.
your stupid faith equals their strength,
keeps you in line, for you to keep quiet.

religion casts out and religion excludes.
stigmatized by birth, inferior through belief.
holding on to the myth that your death means relief.

religion subdues and religion holds down.
male over female, the age-old inequality.
carved into stone, an unalterable truth.

religion hates and religion divides.
brother against brother an eye for an eye,
dying cause you know you’re the one who’s right.

i’m told to respect human’s last holy cow.
but seeyin the deaths they provoke up to now:
i won’t shut up until your religion dies.

I wanna know why are you trying so damn hard to
convince us all that if you don’t remain obedient to
the word that you will rot in hell
I dont think it really matters as long as you’re trying your
best to build a world worth existing, so do you the answer is

„I don’t like to hurt other people’s feelings, but religion makes me really angry. To me, the big religions are based on exploiting people’s insecurities in order to gain power. But while other comparable power structures have been openly and widely debated (even though not abolished) in today’s society, religions are mostly still taboo to general criticism and we’re told to respect them as personal matters. But (organized) religion has never been personal, it is, and has always been, a strongly political issue. Its positions and explanations are strongly irrational as well as exclusive and – to me – don’t have a place in any emancipated society. So as long as representatives of religious groups continue to spread their sexist, mysogynist, homophobe, and authoritarian views, I won’t shut up!“ Y.

Slash and burn
150 species dying out everyday,
when do you think its enough?
bringing nature to its knees
and poisoning all of the seas
this monster seems bend
on consuming all life on earth
and we keep working over time to keep it fed

your presence is a crime
and we still slash and burn
we’re running out of time
now its your turn, stop breeding

we’re breeding way out of control
while millions of people starve and die
you say you’re only human
yet you think you’re gods
this monster seems bend
on consuming all life on earth
and we keep working over time
to keep it fed.

we’re just mere mutans on the face of this planet
we’re not worth the nuissance and its time we should vanish

– the lyrics are based on a poem I found somewhere on the internet –

„I’m not anti human at all! this songs just about the feeling I sometimes can’t suppress
that there would be a lot less suffering on this planet without the human race and it
would be the best for all that we just die out in a peaceful way. but if you seriously
think of letting the human race die out you would have to overcome capitalism first.
once done that there would be no reason to still extinct the human race anyway.
this world is dying, we’re getting more and more and theres just no plan to exit the
inevitable collaps of the worldwide ecosystem. its gonna happen soon and everybody is gonna
deplore that they didnt know its been that bad and they that didnt know what to do.
read: ‚The Limits to Growth: The 30-Year Update‘ by Donella H. Meadows, Dennis Meadows,
Jorgen Randers “ C.

Coming to terms
never wanna give up but i can’t seem to cope
when all resistance seems meaningless
a mere drop into the sea.
ignored by the media = unheard by the masses
[a so-called] free press just relying on lies
unquestiond, untrialed.
[time is money]

don’t wanna regress to violent protest
but non-violent actions stay unheard;
a vicous cycle, can’t find the way out.
does the end justify the means we choose to use
when the end seems out of reach?
just ideals for a future to come.

„you’ll have to come to terms with the system“
i’ve heard it again and again.
the easy way out always seems to retire,
drown myself with the crew on this wednesday night,
„coming to terms“ on my own terms.
another day wasted away.

looking for the quick thrill that never seems to come.
calm down you’re not the only one.

Ask a question
I know this time I’m trying to get things right
the way I’m feeling like
I should never have asked a question
who cares while wathcing the world go by
I just want to get rid of looking for direction

in the end you know theres no other way
I gotta find a reason, the reason for my abstraction

One track mind
sometimes I stumble and it seems that
I’m always on the run from myself
I can do nothing right
nothing keeps me satisfied.

I just cant keep a job and everywhere
I go I seem to lose my interest
this must be a disease
just cant get fuckin rid of that

I’m still here I take what ever I need
no you cant stop me now
I’v been here before u came I’m fucked up
however I still see through

this dourness seriously pisses me off
I’m so sick of your one track mind
somehow you’re gonna make it through
I got so sick of your one track mind

I’m the one who always keep reminding you
that you should never start to look the other way
you’re the one who nevers stops pretening by
this time you’re longing so bad for this sway

this dourness seriously pisses me off
your idle even a good fucking deal more
somehow I always make it through
you’re so inapt it makes me incredibly ravin

think you can’t fail,
i know you fuckin will.
you think you’ll never fall?
(you’re) back’s up against the wall.

is this the
end of history

you think you’re the law,
you’ll reap what you’ve sawn.
your system grasps for breath,
go compete yourself to death!

like there’s no
progress within reach
there is – no way

I know it’s, this must be,
I know you’re all wrong

(We’ve reached) The dead end
I cant go on but I cant stop here
give me something to hold on to
welcome to this fucking nightmare
this is the dead end

in a world where all this suffering does take place
I wish so bad that I could quit here
this is driving me insane

I’m dead inside, you’re dead inside
this is the dead end
thats all whats left behind
we’ve reached the dead end
we’re dead inside, so fuckin tired
this is the dead end,
we’ve reached the dead end

how hell of a lot more worse can it get
its so fucking hard not to shed your hope
welcome to this fucking nightmare
we’ve reached the dead end

even if strict denial is put on to the market
the last should see that there no let out
cant you see the end is nearbye

City of transgression
looking for a way for me to ease stress
anytime i feel that the world is fuckin a mess.
a musical break-out’s gonna help me tonight,
i know the sound that makes me feel alright.

the escape that i need ain’t away too far,
a dub party in a beat down squat bar.
sweet melody and a one drop beat,
dim the lights down and turn up the heat.

light up a spliff and grab me a beer,
make all my dreary thoughts disappear.
run away from reality, just for the night,
in familiar surroundings with no need to fight.

a new weekend calls for a diff’rent remedy,
tryin to forget all the human tragedies.
i’m gonna get out and i’m gonna get drunk,
spend the night boozin at the pub with the punks.

hardcore songs spinnin on battered turntables,
all of my worries becoming idle.
for a few hours i won’t have to compete
it’s nights like this that keep me up on my feet.

I won’t let this town bring me down
Don’t wanna go home so don’t stop the sound
These crazed nights, I don’t wanna miss ‚em.
there’s no system like a sound system.

sometimes i think that my joys are mundane,
but i know i’ll be back out there again.
sometimes i feel like i’ll have to refrain,
for all i know i’ll go back there again.

„I tried to write a positive song for a change, but I guess it’s just not in me…
this one’s dedicated to the Hamburg nightlife.“ Y.

Keep your delusion alive
your ignorance blockades this discernment
that your deeds mean so much more than
what you see at first sight
and the source of this ridicule
judging from the fact that you’re considering
yourself someone who can get to the bottom of things

is that it got you when you were just a little kid
they got you when you where just a kid

to make things clear this isnt just about my own strained nerves
in as much it just doesnt make sense to blow ressources like that
smoking kills an infinate deal more than you will ever figure out
thats why you can only

keep your delusion alive like you’re just an artless kid
they got you when you were just a kid
keep your delusion alive like you’re just an clueless kid
they’ve caught you when you were just a kid

keep it alive, you will never figure it out
this fucking strife passes by so damn easily
keep it alive I hope one day you’ll figure it out
this fucking strife passes by so damn easily

„I often hear the argument when it comes to smoking that its just enjoyment
and therefor theres no reason to quit since its nobodys disadvantage than the one whos
smoking. The problem is the process of drying the tabacco needs lots of ressources like wood
or oil. For example a lot of the tropical forests in africa have been destroyed due to this fact.
Thats why I say theres no foundation for smoking tabacco today and theres none in the future.
The big tabacco companies are also still testing on animals.
Another point is that most people start smoking at a very young age but you dont start smoking
because of the enjoyment, you start becasue you think its cool or whatever. Soon you’re an
addict and try to look for reasons to justify your senseless addiction.“ C.

Pointing Fingers
Ladies and gentlemen,
congratulations! global warming has just been ratified!
years of efforts have finally come to an end,
the final step into a future so bright

You have been warned for over two decades
to change your habits before its too late
but doubting their words was so much easier
than changing your lifestyle and overcoming your fears

it can’t be your fault
it can, it is your fucking fault
it can’t be your fault

and pointing fingers is all you do now
as the robot you are it cant be your fault

„I wrote this directly after the United Nations declared in 2007 that global warming would be a
fact and couldn’t be averted; everyone started pointing fingers at everyone else and deny any personal
responsibility. The truth is that we’ve been told since the early 80s that this is gonna happen if we
don’t change our day-to-day behaviour, but it was easier to just laugh it off and consume more and more…
sadly enough, most people aren’t even up to change their behaviour now the warnings have proved themselves to be true!
(It should be noted that personal consumer-choices are just one way of affecting ecology and are of course not sufficient)“ Y.

sometimes it makes me laugh
sometimes it me makes me sick
this is where I’ve gone so far
these pictures numb your soul
jaded minds and hearts of stone
programmed to prevent condolence

we’re trapped into
this vicious circle

sometimes I’d like to raze
sometimes I’d like to create
the drab monotony of everyday life
and struggle keeps you down
the more I see the less I can believe
we’ll find a way out of this tragedy

I always asked myseld what its like
will this fucking game come to an end

Merch Moralia
I hear them talking and talking
anger, anxiety
nothings right, who gives a fuck

lame shows, child slavery

I see them walking and walking
merchandise, gmo
who can do right, who cares

merchandise, gmo

I cant lose my dream of living this life without a shame
if we could only go as far as possible

To this day
still u can bend the truth
you’re just a lay figure in this game

to this day u keep holding us down
but the time will come and our oppressed souls
will claim compensation
for every free space taken
all these pent up emotions will dismantle
your ideal world, a pure imagination
this disenchanted world cannot have a place
for our existence and ideas

still u can treat us like shit
but we will keep u a long time in supense

to this day u can strifel the truth
and it seems like this already came to an end
go persuade yourselfs
your are just doin your duty
for every unprovoked beaten kid
our suppressed minds will call for vengeance
while u spread your pack of lies and wonder why
they have no adulation and respect

as long as there’re no labels for
you fucking pigs
every single ones gotta feel our