Lyrics (BD/CY EP)

All lyrics and notes to the Braindead vs Conscious Youth EP

Hamburg gegen Gewalt

Down in the city you can feel the frustration
Police create a very tense situation
Try to enforce stark segregation
But some take a stand against wicked Babylon
They attack us with their gas and their water cannons
They beat us to the ground with their clubs and truncheons
They threaten our lives say they’re gonna shoot their guns
Now you say you’re anti violence but tell me which side are you on

Do you know the privilege of definatory power?
Do you know the benefit of living in peace?
Have you ever felt the strain of your class society?
Do you know the effects of anxiety?
Now you preach about violence, what a dreadful irony
All I hear is silence and hypocrisy
All that I can see is class solidarity
Backing your henchmen for all the world to see.

When they shoot Tasköprü you are just staying mute
Then they murder young Jalloh but I hear no cries from you
And they kill Achidi John but you keep calm and carry on
And when Francis Kwame died we weren’t walking side by side

Whine, you may whine about an injured cop
But you still live off the weapons that you export

„Hamburger gegen Gewalt“, literally „Citizens of Hamburg against violence“, was a campaign launched by a big local newspaper after a series of demonstrations, protests and riots happened in late 2013. It was supposed to show solidarity with a small number of injured police officers: of course the daily casualties of state violence, racism and Capitalism would never provoke a similar reaction in the bourgeois masses of this wealthy shithole of a town.

Süleyman Tasköprü was a tradesman who was murdered in Hamburg by the NSU Nazis while under surveillance by the secret service.

Oury Jalloh was burned to death in a police cell in Dessau, East Germany. The Police try to cover up this murder to this day, it was up to private efforts of relatives and friends of Jalloh to bring the truth to light.

Achidi John was a alleged drug dealer who was given vomitic agents in Hamburg and who died as a result. The use of vomitc agents has been classified as an infringement of European laws and basically been declared torture. The responsible politician for the use of vomitic agents and thus for the death of Achidi John is nowadays the mayor of Hamburg. All charges against him have been dropped regardless of the EU court ruling mentioned above.

Francis Kwame was a member of refugee struggle group Lampedusa in Hamburg. The group fought for a communal residence permit in Hamburg, a possibility that can be granted if the local government choses to. In this case, they didn’t, and Francis Kwame died on the streets of Hamburg in the winter of 2014 as a result.

We wrote this song to commemorate all casualties of police and state violence past, present and future, and to call out bourgeois class solidarity for the hypocritical bullshit it is.


Cross The Border

How many waters must they cross before they reach the border?

Some say they own the land, say this is fortress Europe.
Some speak for a strong hand, we can’t let em get no further.
How many are trying to get by,
How many times they have to try,
how many more will have to die trying to get across the border?

We have to spread the word that the Frontex patrol dem are murderers.
Yes we have to spread the word that the Frontex patrol dem are murderers.
How can they be so cold-hearted,
how can they be so self-righteous?
They just watch them sufferers drowning in the water.