Band Bio

Hamburg, located in the North of Germany, is a city of stark contrasts, where a high population of Millionaires and rich enterprises are contrasted by a long history of resistance and rebellious life forms. It is in the very heated atmosphere of early 2001 that three suburban kids started to create a sound that mirrors these intensifying conflicts. Braindead set out to play a mix of Punk, Hardcore, Ska and Dub, musically influenced by several traditions. Being true to the DIY fashion of political Punk, they do most of the work like booking, printing shirts or creating artwork for flyers and records themselves or with help from close friends, and have played every thinkable venue from squatted house basements, action camps, boats, youth centers, festivals, and so on.
Braindeads politics cover topics such as Ecology, Anti-Sexism, Anti-Fascism, Veg(etari)anism, and express an overall Anti-Capitalist and libertarian perspective. Consequently, the band is always happy to play benefit gigs for political causes they support.
Over the years, Braindead managed to release one Split CD (with Civil War, 2006), two Albums (Weapons Of The Weak, 2010 and Libertalia, 2013) as well as a 7″ Single (2012). These were accompanied by various tours that brought Braindead to 17 European countries so far.
2016 Sees the release of a new EP in collaboration with UK Dub Soundsystem Conscious Youth and features two brandnew tunes, followed by their dub versions.