Café Knallhart Geburtstag!

Thanks to everyone who went to see us on Manchester Punk Fest, that was amazing!

We’re celebrating 30 years of autonomous free space Café Knallhart in Hamburg next weekend! Load of good bands and additional program such as screen printing, action training, vegan brunch and information about the upcoming G20 summit.


New Video Up Now!



New Video to „Hamburg Gegen Gewalt“ is online now!


This tune is taken from our EP with Conscious Youth, now also available on the brand new Tape compilation „Dub Comes Due“, both available on our bandcamp. Remember: all proceeds from digital downloads go directly to refugees struggling to get their basic human rights!
Thanks to Crexmaniak Tattoo & Press for making the video.

About this tune:
„Hamburger gegen Gewalt“, literally „Citizens of Hamburg against violence“, was a campaign launched by a big local newspaper after a series of demonstrations, protests and riots happened in late 2013. It was supposed to show solidarity with a small number of injured police officers: of course the daily casualties of state violence, racism and Capitalism would never provoke a similar reaction in the bourgeois masses of this wealthy shithole of a town.

We wrote this song to commemorate all casualties of police and state violence past, present and future, and to call out bourgeois class solidarity for the hypocritical bullshit it is.

Thank you!


Thanks to everyone who helped make last Saturday a memorable night! It was so good to see so many familiar faces in the crowd. Cheers to all Bands (Loser YouthConscious YouthZEKI MINZibabu), John, Frezel, Bulli, the whole Crew of Konzertgruppe5001, and everyone that travelled miles just to watch us play some old tunes. We recorded the night and will upload the tunes later.
Up next is our final show for this year, an Operation Ivy cover set this Saturday at Menschenzoo in Hamburg, together with the geat Bitter Grounds!

Last two gigs for this year coming up!

Got back from an amazing weekend in the UK last night, thanks to everyone who came out to the gigs!
We’ve got two more events coming up before we take a winter break and write some new tunes. We’ll celebrate 15 years of Band existence at the Rote Flora squat on November 26th and have invited some good friends to join us on stage:

And just a week later we’ll play an Operation Ivy cover set at Menschenzoo in Hamburg:

New EP out today!

Today is the official release date of our new EP with Conscious Youth. You can get it directly from our Bandcamp. If you choose digital download, remember that it’s a benefit EP and all revenues go directly to local refugee struggles!

If you prefer the vinyl version, you can get it from our bandcamp as well, or any of the labels involved:
Pumpkin Records:
TNS Records:
Riot Ska Records:
Mass Prod: